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Notice Of 2nd Annual General Meeting

Click here for Notice of AGM for 2012.


Executive Committee 2012-2013

President Dr Alan Khoo
Vice President Dr Pua Kin Choo
Secretary Dr Yap Yoke Yeow
Treasurer Dr Yap Lee Fah
Committee Members Dr Anita Zarina bt Bustam
  Dr Punithavathi Nayaranan
  Dr Subathra Sabaratnam
Auditors Dr. Faridah Hasan
  Dr. Subasri Armon


  1. To coordinate, facilitate and support research on nasopharyngeal carcinoma

  2. To promote awareness and knowledge on nasopharyngeal carcinoma

  3. To organize local, regional and international meetings relevant to nasopharyngeal carcinoma

  4. To maintain liaison with other National and International organizations and professional bodies involved in work relevant to nasopharyngeal carcinoma

  5. To carry out any other activities relevant to nasopharyngeal carcinoma


  1. Membership shall be opened to anyone aged 21 and above who has an interest in nasopharyngeal carcinoma. There shall be two categories of members, namely, ordinary and life members. Ordinary members are members who have paid the annual subscription fees. Life members are members who have paid the life membership fees. Ordinary members and life members are subjected to the same rights and privileges. There shall be no limit to the number of members in the Society.

  2. Every application for membership shall be proposed by one existing member and shall be forwarded to the Secretary who shall at the first convenient opportunity, submit it to the Executive Committee for approval. The Executive Committee may at its discretion reject any application without any reason.

  3. Every applicant whose application has been approved as aforesaid shall, upon payment of the prescribed entrance fee and first annual subscription, be admitted as a member of the Society and shall be entitled to all the privileges of membership.

  4. A university or university-college student shall not be eligible for membership without the prior approval of the Vice-chancellor of the university concerned.

Our Constitution

Please read our Constitution before you proceed with membership application.

Entrance Fees, Subscriptions and other dues

The entrance fee and subscription payable shall be as follows:-

Member Entrance Fee   : RM 10.00  (Ten Ringgit Malaysia)

Annual Subscription for Ordinary Member : RM 10.00  (Ten Ringgit Malaysia)
Life Membership Fee (lumpsum payment) : RM 50.00 (Fifty Ringgit Malaysia)

For Students Only: You may be requested to submit a scanned copy of the approval from your Vice Chancellor.


(for Malaysian citizens only)



Paying for Your Membership Fee

For your convenience, you are advised to pay online immediately when applying for membership.

For those who have registered but yet to make payment, you will need to follow the link provided to you in the member sign-up confirmation email that you received when you first made your membership application. There will be an option to make payment. Or you can you the link below:


(for registered members)


For any enquiries regarding membership, please send your email to: npcsm@npcresearch.org